Jacinto in Cairo

04 October 2006

October already...

It's October already! Sorry for not writing in so long. My schedule's busier because I started taking an Egyptian Arabic (aka "colloquial" or "'amiya" - as opposed to Modern Standard or "fusHa") class at a language school here. They placed me in 'Intermediate Low' - which was like getting credit for spending all that time smoking sheesha at the 'ahwas.

Ramadan started, and I promise to do a whole entry (with pictures etc.) on the holy month sometime soon.

Unfortunately, the film project never came off. M'alish (oh well). Fortunately, I've seen movers here load a dozen pieces of antique furniture on the bed of a mini-pickup, strap it down with yellow rope, and set off for their destination. Seriously, the trucks were overflowing. So maybe I'll try to get in with some of those folks, rent a video camera, and go along for the ride.

I read a great interview with Marjane Satrapi, author of the Persepolis books. Just thought I'd share.

Anyway, enjoy the photos. The building in the background of the first shot is American University in Cairo (AUC), the second shot is inside the campus. They're all Downtown (wust al-balad, in Arabic).


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