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10 September 2006

Turkey, Part 2 - Göreme, Kapadokya

Turkish overnight buses defy expectations. They are made by Mercedes. A bow-tied attendant serves you sour cherry juice, tea, and little fruit cakes. Accomodation and transportation for the price of one.

After our 10-hour journey, we arrived here in Goreme. What a pleasant little town! We ate lots of pide and lahamcun, varieties of Turkish flatbread pizza, from this one excellent bakery that had their own sourdough starter and a wood fired brick oven.

Here's a typical little Cappadocian cul-de-sac.

"Fairy chimneys" dot the landscape. Residents carve them out for homes, churches, monasteries, and depots. The Goreme open air museum is a valley full of these, many with frescoes still in good shape. There are also underground cities, some eight stories deep. Villagers would retreat to these whenever marauders invaded. For self-defense they had rolling boulder doors and channels to pour hot oil down. To keep their spirits up, they had wine presses.

Sunset over Goreme, seen from the top of the valley:


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You have an eye for still life. I particularly like the junk pile.


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