Jacinto in Cairo

20 September 2006

Film project "in the works"

Hazim Shaheen and his quartet, which includes our friend Miles the bass player, have a record deal! Signed to Incognito Records of la CDthèque Beirut, they have been rehearsing intensively and will soon retreat to a flat out in Haram (the Pyramid quarter of Cairo) for four days of recording. Fancy mics and all.

Well, they also require a GRAND PIANO to be moved from Heliopolis all the way across the city to Haram. I have a vision of the opening of La Dolce Vita: Jesus soaring over Rome, hanging from a helicopter. Then I translate that vision into Cairene - I simply must record this journey. I'm going to make a few calls tomorrow. Can you imagine the footage? From one side of Cairo to another, the day before Ramadan starts, with the pressure on. Perhaps even a feature-length real-time affair...


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