Jacinto in Cairo

23 September 2006


Learned something interesting last night via a U.S. State Department employee. The State Dept. transfers its workers to a new country every two or three years in order to guard against "clientitis." Clientitis is when you start to care about the country you've been stationed in; the U.S. government worries that once this happens, you may not be able to serve U.S. interests anymore, hence the transfer.

In other news, equipment has not come through yet for my film project. I'm hoping that I may be able to catch the piano on its return trip from Haram to Heliopolis. The 60-year-old Steinway is the best and most famous piano in Egypt, played by popstar Nancy Ajram (pictured above) at her concerts.

Happy and sweet new year to everybody, and bravo to these folks.


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