Jacinto in Cairo

28 July 2006

"Yehyah Lubnan, Tehyah Filisteen"

If you look closely, you can see Bettina and me rallying in solidarity with Lebanon and Palestine Wednesday evening. It was a lot of fun (until the riot police paradoxically disrupted things with an attempt at "crowd control" that created a giant crush), cheering and dancing, chatting with activists, media folks, intellectuals, and everyday sympathizers. Neil MacFarquhar wrote an excellent article about the rally in (gasp!) the New York Times.

Ironically, the demonstration took place in a section of Midan Tahrir right in front of the landmark "Visitez le Liban/Visit Lebanon" building. People had Lebanese, Palestinian, Egyptian, and Hizbollah flags, some great posters ("Human Rights? Maybe. Arab civilian rights? Never.") and lots of pictures of Nasrallah ("Ya Nasrallah, ya habibi"), the leader of Hizbollah. If you read the MacFarquhar article, you'll see how Nasrallah is now like a Muslim Che Guevara, folk hero, intellectual darling, and symbol of resistance. His interview with Al-Jazeera is at times inspiring. You may need some geo-political background to make total sense of it, though, in which case I recommend this article, or this one for a slightly more alarmist surmise.

After the rally a whole bunch of us went to the Greek Club, for some rooftop drinking and euphoria. Then, the air was filled with the voice of Fairouz, the Lebanese chanteuse, broadcast over loudspeakers from the leftist party's office. Despite all the military vehicles on the streets, solidarity ruled the night.


At 4:48 AM, Blogger Alexandra said...

The links are great and very informative, especially the NY Times one which also surprises me considering their usually unfair and blatant support of Israel.

At 11:04 AM, Blogger Morris Frydman said...

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