Jacinto in Cairo

13 July 2006

Wadi Natroon

Wadi Natroon is a 5th century Coptic monastery in what used to be the desert, but given all the new desert agriculture technologies, and the swelling population of the Nile Valley, it is not quite as isolated as I imagine it to have once been. Either way, it's way out there, about two hours from Cairo.

The monastery has grown over the centuries, adding more wings, more chapels, a large cathedral, etc. They grow lots of crops, and make really nice candles too.

Something about this junk pile caught my eye. Maybe it's the stuffed horse in the background.

Our friend T----- took this one. I had thought only mosques offered this sort of interior. Another friend then told us that there is a correlation between a region's climate and the height of its seating arrangements. Neat, huh?

Coptic imagery has this sort of "art naïf" thing going on, and here are two Egyptians chilling before a typical scene. (I have more images available upon request.) Wadi Natroon was full of (presumably Coptic) visitors the Sunday we visited.


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