Jacinto in Cairo

22 July 2006

Sabai Sabai

We happily discovered a great Thai restaurant here in Cairo. Called Sabai Sabai, it's this chic resturaunt/lounge with great wroughtiron fixtures from which antique and handblown glass dangles elegantly. It's in a building called Rive Gauche, in Zamalek's Sidqy Square, and definitely has the feel of a tucked away Parisian bonne addresse. We ate spring rolls, spicy papaya salad, red curry with beef, and pad thai - all of which was excellent, really high quality. And with tax and tip it all cost under $30; not bad for such a highend place. We've now got a pretty good repertoire of Asian restaurants here: great Thai, great Indian, and solid Korean.

Also, I went to one of Cairo's western-style supermarkets, Metro, and bought Kikkoman soy sauce, Kikkoman sweet and sour sauce, and some chili paste so we can now make a mean stir fry here at the apartment. There must be some serious tariffs on Kikkoman, though, cuz those things cost like $5 per bottle.

(Political content: Most US and UK coverage of this region has been nauseating me with its ignorance, racism, and propaganda. But here are Professor Rashid Khalidi in the NYTimes and Tariq Ali in the Guardian.)


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