Jacinto in Cairo

07 July 2006

Pyramids at Dahshour, etc.

We drove about an hour outside Cairo to Dahshour, where there are three pyramids just outside the Nile Valley. Unlike Giza, this place is deserted (especially in July!) so you really feel the isolation, the quiet, of the desert. Above is the Bent Pyramid, so called because the engineers miscalculated and then adjusted the angle of ascent. They perfected the engineering on the Red Pyramid, which can be seen in the background, and below.

Here's a picture of me with a collapsed pyramid made from mud bricks. This pyramid was built long after the Bent and Red Pyramids, after a period of instability, appropriately enough.

Bettina stands with the Red Pyramid in the background.

Here's me again in the ruins of the temple where they mummified the bodies in preparation for the afterlife.

If you look closely, you can see the stairs that lead into the Red Pyramid, which gives you some idea of how massive it is. Once you get to the entrance, you descend a long cramped passageway to some very high ceilinged interior chambers and contemplate the awesome fact that you are INSIDE A PYRAMID.

A traditional Egyptian pigeon coop in the countryside on the way back from Dahshour, passing through Saqqara.

In the background you can see the large step pyramid at Saqqara, which pre-dates the Bent and Red Pyramids.

As you re-enter the Cairo city limits, the countryside fades into the gradually urbanizing outskirts, with sporadic fields of fellaheen working the land. You can see the Giza pyramids, built right after the Red Pyramid.


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