Jacinto in Cairo

17 July 2006

Homage to Beirut; 1948

Here's our Cairo-Beirut-Istabul-Cairo ticket. Sadly, we'll soon be cancelling the Beirut leg of it.

So, in honor of the trip we will not have gotten to go on, I've dug up some images from delicious, literary, cosmopolitan Beirut. This one, for example, is a lighthouse that no longer exists. Obviously, it was of strategic military value to Hizbollah.

Here are shots of lovely central Beirut. The so-called Lebanese Civil War (a.k.a. the wars in Lebanon) only just ended in 1991. The city was coming together nicely, tensely but nicely. The wars in Lebanon, and the destruction of Beirut, were a direct consequence of the 1948 expulsion of 800,000 Palestinians from Palestine, the ethnic cleansing that inaugurated the state of Israel. Hamas, Hizbollah... it all stems from 1948. So here I am in Cairo, seeing clearly what's happening today, thinking about 1948 and how refusing to deal with the crimes of 1948 condemns this whole region to continuous violence. And seriously complicates or jeopardizes various friends' lives. My closing thoughts go out to them.


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