Jacinto in Cairo

05 July 2006

Grazie, Italia--from Le Grillon with love

Last night Italy revived my World Cup spirit and rescued the tournament from the prospect of a German victory with their 2-0 win in extra-time. We watched on the large-screen TV in the garden of Le Grillon in Down Town, which last night was pretty swank, thanks partly to the Cairo version of the Sex and the City girls sitting at the table next to us, smoking shisha and knocking over my shisha in their exuberance. Le Grillon was packed, with prime tables reserved ahead of time, and the place finally exploded when Grosso curled in his shot from the right with only minutes remaining in the extra-time. Such unanimous dislike for German football... it almost makes you feel bad for them. Almost.


At 9:42 PM, Blogger guirilandia said...

I did feel bad. For a second. But those Italians with their theater were not much better.

But man, such a beautifully brutal finish!!

Howz that egyptian version of sex and the city? sounds intriguing even though I hate the original. is it "racy"?


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