Jacinto in Cairo

11 June 2006

Strange allegiances in el-'Agouza

This charming leafy quarter of Cairo, like most, abounds in 'ahwas, or coffeshops. Bettina pointed out to me that one of the nicest, occupying a green-canopied corner, is (in the eyes and vocab of us American liberals) segregated: Blacks on one side, Arabs on the other. Perhaps Black Arabs refrain from patronizing this 'ahwa so as not to confuse its seating arrangement. (I sat on the Arab side).

Well, the other night, in my quest to watch the World Cup despite ART's price-gouging, I visited another 'ahwa down the street in the other direction. A packed house of Egyptians cheered relentlessly for Cote d'Ivoire in their fiery but ultimately frustrating loss to Argentina. Continental loyalties apply in football, but maybe they don't translate to dominoes and backgammon.


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