Jacinto in Cairo

25 June 2006

Shopping in 'Ataba

I have a rule for Cairo: only try to do one errand per day. It's one of those cities where if you try to do anymore than that you'll end up frustrated and exhausted. So yesterday I set out for 'Ataba, the neighborhood in Cairo "where you can find anything," to buy some lamps. The neighborhood is spontaneously divided into zones according to products: there's the TV/Home Appliance zone, the Furniture zone, the Textile zone, the Musical Instrument zone, etc. Zones not only sell finished products, but each component you may need if you yourself wanted to repair a TV, stuff a couch, or -- as I was about to do after two hours of fighting crowds and fruitless searching -- build your own lamp. Presciently, the first Western-style emporium, built smack in the middle of 'Ataba in 1910, was the aptly named Tiring Department Store.


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