Jacinto in Cairo

16 June 2006

Nadi as-Sayyarat - The Automobile Club

Last night the R------ family invited us to dine at the famous Nadi as-Sayyarat, the Automobile Club. You need to be a member to go, and members need to make reservations to go on Thursdays and Fridays.

Unlike Down Town (the exciting commercial and cultural heart of the city, where we lived two summers ago), there is nothing shabby about the Automobile Club today. You enter through a glimmering marble- and gold-appointed lobby, then you get the royal treatment by the staff who lead you up the elevator to the roof-top terrace. Very chic, all told.

We ordered a sampling of cold then hot mezzet. Particularly noteworthy was this one cheese, a blend of blue cheese and gibne beyda, a sort of soft Egyptian feta. Also, their kofta, brought out almost as an afterthought, was fantastically seasoned and just the right texture. For dessert, the table watched me eat a bowl of juicy red watermelon.


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