Jacinto in Cairo

30 June 2006

A bit about the neighborhood...

So by popular demand I've added more photos. It's not as easy as you'd think. Cairo is all about streetlife, and there are few times of day when you can wander empty streets and snap away to your heart's content. Also, I get the sense that people here aren't really into being photographed. These are the sorts of obstacles I'm dealing with. I'll see what I can do, though.

The top photo is a few blocks from our place. It's a narrow street that serves as a sort of secret passageway from 'Agouza to Mohandiseen, the adjacent neighborhood that is very difficult to get to following the major arteries. I guess most of our neighborhood was farmland 40 years ago. My hunch is that certain sections of the neighborhood are older, part of the former village infrastructure. I've seen some houses I suspect date from Ottoman times. (I wanted to photograph them but there were too many people around.) Anyway, these old alleyways are not as posh as some of the neighborhood, which boasts plenty of Mercedes and German car specialists. The quarters are cramped, there are goats wandering around, but these alleys also host the best and liveliest market around. It feels very Cairo to me how all the social classes are right on top of one another.

I passed the truck in the bottom photo once about a week ago, and I was very happy when I stumbled upon it again, this time with camera in hand. The writing says "masriya," meaning Egyptian.


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